Testimonials for Alexandre de Chambure

I tried to learn French by myself for about a year, but I should have learned with Language City from the beginning. The lessons are really well structured, and I thought all explanations were easy to understand. It’s been a great experience and I’ve learned a lot.

I highly recommend learning with French with Alex. He always has an easy answer to every question. I also love his lessons with the pictures and the way the different fonts used make it very easy to understand.

I’ve been learning French for many years. Before I came to Language City, my problem was that I was able to express myself, but I couldn’t understand the French. Alex opened my eyes on so many things I had never learned before. I was finally able to understand so much more. I even learned to speak and sound like a Frenchman rather than an American.

I can speak French, German and Spanish rather well, but I still had problems understanding the French in a conversation. Alex revealed all the secrets of that language in terms of pronunciation and in terms of language: different speech registers that I was lacking. He is the most accurate teacher I have ever met, by far, and I’ve had many teachers over the years.

I am an actor, constantly traveling between Los Angeles and New York City. Not only are online classes the perfect fit for my crazy schedule, but I also feel like I am dealing with an astounding French teacher. Alex is absolutely fantastic. He always has an answer to every question. I also speak German, so I know how hard it can be to find a good teacher (I am semi fluent in both French & German).

I am an American living in Shanghai, and I quickly found out that many companies wanted employees who could speak French (many French, Canadian, Belgian and Swiss companies). I took one of Alex’s classes, and it has allowed me to learn French in a very short period of time. One of the many things I like about Language City is that you get plenty of extra material (MP3 + text) in between lessons to practice, as well as assignments.

I am from Bangalore, aka the silicone valley of India. I wanted to learn French as I have been working with plenty of French speakers from all over the world. Those online classes are very convenient. If I miss a lesson, I can catch up by watching the webinar later. The quality of the lessons is also excellent. Everything is explained clearly, and in a simple way.

I am a 28 year-old British man with a dream job: watching football (soccer) and writing about it all day. Why am I learning French? Because my company sent me to Paris for my job. The time difference has been perfect. I’ve come home, logged on the virtual classroom and soaked in all the information Alex has had for us every week. His online classes are great. I like the pictures he chooses to illustrate his various grammar points. It’s also great to be connected with students coming from all over the world. It’s a very enriching experience both in terms of language and culture.

Testimonials for Ana

I am a New Yorker with a busy schedule (like many New Yorker), but I really wanted to learn Spanish. Ana is an awesome teacher. I have learned a lot with her, and she has made Spanish very easy.

I am a Californian from Orange county, and my parents were Spanish immigrants but… Sadly, they didn’t speak Spanish to me growing up. I have recently felt the urge to learn my parents’ native language, and reconnect with my relatives in Spain. Ana knows so much. She is the real deal.

My wife and I both share a passion for foreign languages. We took Spanish with Ana last year, and these online lessons are great. I love the fact that you can watch the lessons on demand, which gives you extra practice. You can listen to her explanations several times. it’s just great.

I took two years of Spanish with Ana. It worked out great. I knew close to nothing at first, and now I can understand quite a lot. Ana is a great teacher, and I just loved her lessons and the simple way in which she explained things.

I am an advanced student in Spanish, and I just loved Ana’s approach to students with my level. She came up with the trickiest sentences. Tricky but useful. She managed to create sentences with useful idiomatic expressions that I would have never learned otherwise. I learned a lot. That’s exactly what I needed to get to the next level.

I am an executive and often go to Mexico for work. I took two years of Spanish with Ana, and her online lessons are just great. Being able to practice at will by watching the webinars on demand has worked great for me.

I have been learning Spanish for many years. I have had about 10 Spanish teachers over the years, and Ana has been the best by far. She has always come up with a clear and straightforward explanation for every question I’ve had. There is never a hesitation or a “I don’t know…”. She truly is the best.



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