Our Method 
    Alexandre de Chambure created this unique method called the Panini method, named after Indian linguist Panini who lived during the 5th or 6th century BC. Panini was a brilliant grammarian who had noticed the gap between theory & practice in terms of language, especially when languages constantly change through time.
    It is important to understand that there are two approaches/visions in terms of languages: 
1) Prescriptive linguistics is the study of languages with all the rules that should be and should theoretically be used by all. In English, it could be something like "The man with whom she works" or "I need to lie down." (instead of "lay down"). This is what 99.99% of language classes teach.
2) Descriptive linguistics is the study of how people actually speak, regardless of all theoretical rules. The perspective and approach is very scientific and neutral.

Alexandre de Chambure recognizes that the first one is important to pass exams and express one's self properly in writing or when the occasion arises in specific social settings. Nonetheless, he experienced first hand learning English and Spanish that reaching fluency is absolutely impossible without going through descriptive linguistics, that is mastering pronunciation patterns used by native speakers, knowing many smaller (or bigger) rules never taught in schools but used daily by native speakers, and acquiring vocabulary and idiomatic expressions pertaining to all speech registers. 

That's why, throughout Language City's French course, you will learn proper French as well as the type of French spoken by people on a daily basis, a more informal type of French that can be pretty distant from what most people learn in any other school or program. The combination of both will enable you to master all speech registers and have complete control over the type of language you use. Throughout our listening comprehension videos, you will get used to how people speak on the streets of Paris, which is quite different from what the vast majority learns in all other courses.

The Panini method is the only one that will allow you to reach true fluency in French, by filling the gap between theory and immersion. This French course will make you feel like you spent over 2 years in immersion with a teacher by your side to break down every single sentence & challenge you encounter on your journey.

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