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Self-study course:

Our self-study French course is made up of 6 levels (a 2nd advanced level recently came out) & can be accessed to on Moodle. The cost of one level (equivalent of a semester) is $99. You can purchase 2 levels for $149, 4 levels for $249, and the entire course (6 levels) for $349. You can also subscribe to the entire course (7 levels) for 1 month ($19.95), 6 months ($99), or 12 months ($149). Self-study courses can be purchased at any time with lifetime access and email support from your teacher, Alexandre de Chambure. Click here to register & for course description.

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    • Take French classes with the former private English teacher ofFrench President Chirac’s daughter & grandson.
    • Learn French in an easy and fun way, with plenty of material (video, audio & written) to study in addition to lessons, with instant correction.
    • Compare slow and fast (native) pronunciation patterns.
    • Learn all the most useful words & idiomatic expressions used daily by native speakers, and that no other school or method will teach you.
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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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Email us at to get free access to our beginners’ course. Discover all the advantages of learning French at Language City with a simple, enjoyable and efficient method. This is a great opportunity to learn French with the very best French teacher you will meet, the former private English teacher of French President Chirac’s daughter & grandson.

Why Choose Us

      • Learn a language in a fun and easy way.
      • What you learn is relevant; lessons are made simple and are more accurate than anywhere else.
      • All classes are recorded and can be watched on demand 24/7.
      • Learn from the very best teachers in the nation.
      • Get plenty of extra information to continue learning in between classe.