Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do we know what level to sign up for?
On the registration page, for each level, you will see the material that be covered. This is how you can tell what language to sign up for. Go to the page of the language you want to learn, and click on the level/registration tab on the left-hand side.

2) How long do we have access to the self-study course?
You will have unlimited access to what you purchase.

3) Can I access the self-study course from my phone?
You can access the self-study course from any computer, tablette or smart phone.

4) How do you register for a class?
Click here for a quick explanation.

5) I don’t want to open a Paypal account to pay. Can I pay by credit card?
Paypal gives you the option to pay without opening a Paypal account. Look at the bottom of the Paypal payment page, it will give you the option to pay by debit or credit card.

6) Do you offer classes for kids?
Yes, we do. The website is


Language City is the one destination to learn a foreign language in a fun environment.

Meet online every week with other students from all over the country to learn a foreign language with the very best French, Spanish & Chinese teachers in the nation.

Why Choose Us

  • Learn a language in a fun and easy way.
  • What you learn is relevant; lessons are made simple and are more accurate than anywhere else.
  • All classes are recorded and can be watched on demand 24/7.
  • Learn from the very best teachers in the nation.
  • Get plenty of extra information to continue learning in between classes.