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This French course was created by the private French teacher of a Golden Globe Award winner, and former private English teacher of a French president’s daughter & grandson. It is a French course like no other, and the results on student’s ability to converse AND understand native speaker is simply unmatched. Don’t take it from us, but from the many messages we have received over the 1st year our course was launched. Click here to see testimonials.

Language City pays 50% commissions on all sales of our French self-study courses.

Here are the packages sold as of September 1st 2017: 1 individual level costs $99, 2 levels cost $149, 4 levels cost $249, and 6 levels cost $349.

We also offer subscriptions for which affiliates can earn a 70% commission on the first month. There are recurring payments on month-to-month subscriptions ($19.95/month). Affiliates earn 30% on all recurring payments. We also offer 6-month subscriptions for $99, and 12-month subscriptions for $149. Affiliates earn a 50% commission on those as well.

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